Thursday, February 10, 2005


I think I am developing a French IUFM ulcer. This place could definitely make one suicidal. Or, more likely, homicidal. Yeah, I think homicidal is closer to the situation here.

Breathe. See, I need a vacation. I need a really, really, really long, nice, warm, sunshiney vacation. Do you suppose they have beaches in Berlin? ; )


At 8:39 PM, Blogger der dad said...

I'm enjoying your blog imensely, and I'm sure many others are too, keep it up. My big project is still the kitchen replacement. It promises to be huge ordeal with about 10 or so visits from cabinet demolishers, floor installers, cabinets installers, counter installers, plumbing installers, electric installers, etc. There goes my leave for this year. Except, I should have enough time for some place warm and blue and laid back. So maybe we can go to somewhere without 160 mph winds and have a real vacation. Der Dad

At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deirdre here (AKA Justine). Oh my GOD, it is snowing like MAD outside!! I have ben in Strasbourg since Monday and yesterday was the only day that it didn't snow. I am almost sorry that I left Valence... but not quite.

I leave for Basel today... hopefully it won't be snowing there. Then again, Basel is in Switzerland, so it is probably snowing even more there.

I have managed to catch a little bit of a cold... which really sucks. Oh well.

I went to Germany yesterday! Dagmar and I crossed the border and went to Freiburg. It was cold. Anyway, that was my first time in Germany since I was eight. A lot has changed since then: there is only ONE Germany now and it is a major member of the European Union. They use Euros over there now AND there were no guards at the border. We were in a bus and it just went straight across. Of course, everyone over there still speaks German, but nobodys perfect...

Anyway, I haven't been taking many photos. In the ones that I take, everything is obscured by snow anyway.


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