Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Camera

I went out last Friday and spent waaaayyyy too much money on a new camera. In my defense, I needed a new(er) model... and I guess it wasn't too bad, cost wise. Let's just say that I have done my part to stimulate the American Economy. Well, sort of. I bought a Nikon.

Anyway, here are a couple of test shots. Nothing too insanely interesting--I just wanted to experiment with the close-up option on the camera (which my previous camera lacked).

The Polish Easter Bunny versus Russian Father Christmas.

One of Mom's ten zillion Cosmos.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So, I just printed out everything that I wrote on this 'blog about the Czech Republic--over 100 pages, single spaced. Wa-Hoo. 'Course, it is all self-indulgent (nature of a blog, after all) and not particularly interesting. Still, I wrote "Czechs in the City" on a blank piece of paper and attached the whole thing together with a binder clip. I then put it in the back of my file cabinet drawer. I may celebrate by taking allergy medicine (okay, the humor there is that most people might be inclined to celebrate by having a drink. Allergy medicine has the potential to mess me up pretty bad--and it shouldn't be mixed with alcohol. So, allergy meds it is. Oh, and there is the fact that my allergies are absolutely driving me nuts right now.)

The other book--which actually will be read by other human beings (I hope) is my teacher's handbook that I am writing. Well, I've actually finished the writing (Wa-Hoo! 50 pages, space and a half!) but now I have massive amounts of re-writing to do. Ugh. My excuse for my writing style in it is that it is going to be read by non-native English speakers, so I have to keep my tone simple. Of course, these non-native speakers are all English teachers, so they actually know the language... still, as an excuse for a depressingly unsophisticated voice, I think it works.

New addiction: high-waisted pencil skirts. I don't know if they are actually in style right now or not, and I don't care. They look good on me. (I went shopping today after work. I needed another skirt like I needed a hole in the head, so I grabbed a skirt to try on. It looked so good, I bought it.) What I do need is some type of sweater that will keep me warm but won't be too warm to wear this Spring. Bleh. But that skirt is A-freakin-mazing.

Okay, time to go doctor my sinus headache with some seriously powerful Benadryl. I may even go for the adult's dose tonight, instead of my usual child dose. I miss Dimetapp.