Wednesday, November 03, 2004


What the FUCK is going on in my country?! Has everyone gone mad? FUCKING HELL!!


At 1:56 PM, Blogger Luqman لقمان said...

Nadia and I have pretty much decided to leave the country at this point. It's not just a systemic issue as in the last election. Bush led by 3.5 million votes, the congress is even more solidly republican, and a number of right wing propositions past in the various states. This country has taken a large step to the right and we don't to be part of it any longer. For now we're considering either Canada or Puerto Rico (which is still a US territory, but functions independently and has a _very_ different political culture) but our options are open for the long term.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger STAG said...

Well, now that Mr. Bush has again been elected the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, it is a good idea to consider how he got there. I think (as an outside observer) he used the ladder of fear to climb to the top. Fear of foreigners, fear of other religions, fear of anything different than his Beaver Cleaver paradigm. Simply put, he will have no power if he cannot generate fear in the electorate. Short answer then..."Don't happy"! Longer and more difficult what is written on the Statue of Liberty, and think it through. Your country WILL survive because not even Mr. Bush can destroy the fundamental underlying values which define the United States of America.
Most "furriners" recognize that the American People do not create American Foreign Policy, nor even have a clear idea of what it is! Oh sure, it is great fun for us Canucks to make fun of Yanks like cousins joshing cousins, but it when the chips are down, we are there for each other. (recent examples....our government is asking healthy Canadians to maybe forgo their flue shot this year so it can send some surplus down to nursing homes in the US....Canadian electrical workers going to Florida to help re-build damage from the hurricanes of the summer....and farther back to 9-11, huge Canadian rallies in New York and Washington to show our support and horror during a difficult time. When I was in Italy last year, the big tourist centers of Florence and Rome really missed the annual influx of US tourists...though cynics might say, they really missed the money...grin! Well, whatever... the US marines I met who were on furlough in Herculaneum did not feel excluded, hated or in danger in any way. I am curious how Dierdre finds things as an American in France. Do they get upset at you when you ask for "freedom fries:?
Well, back to work. This too shall pass. All the best.


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