Friday, January 21, 2005

A Competition

Hullo everyone. I am giving a class on Monday, January 31 on SUVs in America. The only thing is, I need some pictures of people next to the things to show how big they really are. Therefore I am running a contest. Submit as many photos of people and SUVs as you want, and I will choose a winner. The deadline is Thursday, January 27. The winner gets eternal gratitude and something cool (and cheap) from France.

Thanks, ya'all


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Captain Disgruntled said...

Oi oi oi--am posting links to two photos, because I suspect that Blogger may otherwise reformat them:

Now, what is impressive about these photos? Nowt (one is actually pretty horrible, taken, as it was, pointing into extremely humid murk, except that these are provided by a human who actually rode in this bigass thing, and two, if you look closely, you may recognize your Maman.
That's the biggest I got.


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