Thursday, January 06, 2005

Country of Ludites

International Travel Machine

The Internet is not working in most of Valence now. It started on Monday, when the Internet was not working in the IUFM. Like a nasty bug, this lack of Internet access has spread to encompass most of the city now. Jo and I visited several Internet cafes before we finally found one that had Internet access.

As soon as the Internet is back up at the IUFM I will post pictures of Morocco and my latest Travel log, which is now fifteen pages long. Single spaced.

My illness seems to have passed on and taken a couple of pounds with it. The Argentinean, however, looks like her stomach exploded over Christmas and it all settled in her ass. Maybe there is a god. With a wicked sense of humor who hates people who falsely accuse other of stealing butter. Oh, my Grandmother has now named the Argentinean "the butter girl". It is an appropriate epitaph--in more ways than one.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger STAG said...

The butter girl. Hmmmm.. She seems to have "issues". If you want to fight her, (though I don't know why you would) you might try punching her hot buttons, and giggle as she winds up and starts to peak. If you can get her to furiously denounce you, your country, your countrie's governance, your work, your looks and everything else, while you stay calm, smile and maybe even giggle in response, she will look like a prize idiot. It was always easier with a guy...girls would recognize the technique too soon. Funny that when I would do this, they never thanked me for the cardio workout, but I often got a public apology, which of course I always graciously accepted. And you know THAT frosted their tulips!

Lets see....a casual comment to somebody else, but in her hearing that the CIA did amazing work bringing down the Aristide Communists, or that the Bay of Pigs debacle got rid of a lot of stupid Cuban Nationalists, or (insert stupid Republican foreign policy here) as if you believed it. Your ammunition is simple...have a printout from a nice Republican web site that you were "getting comments on", so you can put yourself on the side of the angels. Don't get personal...her weight and bottom size are too easy a target.
Or just relax, and bitch about her in private...a reasonable solution.


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