Tuesday, February 08, 2005

February 6, 2005

I am totally exhausted and it is all for you, my adoring public. You see, I figured you all might want some new pictures to look at. So I woke up this morning and hopped a train to Vienne. Then, once the train reached Vienne, I looked out the window, went ehhhh, and stayed on until Lyon. So here are some pictures of Lyon.

And I am sure you all want to know why I was not at the Argentinean festival with the others. Well, turns out Natalia invited me, but she was meeting some people in Grenoble to give her a ride there and she didn’t know how I was going to get there. How’s that for thinking ahead. Luckily I found all this out last night before I woke up butt-crack early and took a needless train ride to Grenoble. So I slept in a bit, drank some tea, exercised some, took a shower, then hauled ass to the train station.

Even though I had already visited Lyon, there were several places I didn’t get to see. These places were actually all at the top of a very steep hill. The funicular to the top wasn’t running (not that I would have paid the 3 Euros for it anyway) so I had to cart myself (and my very heavy bag full of tourist guide books) up. But it was worth it. And I have the pictures to prove it.

Anyway, maybe the best part of the day was when I walked out of the train station and saw a MALL! I went in and because it was Sunday all the stores were closed. But no matter—there was a pizza place open. I looked at the menu and they had a pizza with mozerella cheese! (All the pizzas down here are made with Emmental… swiss cheese. It is really nasty). I was so happy that I went in and spent 10 Euros for lunch (it was expensive but it was well worth it). I even got the salad buffet. Anyway, I kind of had America flash-backs… you know, with the buffet and all. There were even fat people there—and a couple of fat kids for good measure! I treated myself to a soda, cut my little pizza into slices, and inhaled it.


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