Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Job Applications...

Just filled out an excruciating application for Provident Bank. It wanted my employment history for the past ten years (which covers just about every job I've ever had) AND my past addresses... I wound up scrambling through my file cabinet trying to find something that had old Arizona addresses on it.

Which led to me have to think about my time in the you-know-what. Never a good thing. The further I get away from it, the less real it becomes, and, consequently, the more difficult it is to be forced to confront. It is like walking further and further away from a giant tree casting a shadow. When I was in the trunk part of the shadow it was dark, but it was all that I could see, so it didn't seem so unusual. Now I am in the shadows cast by the branches. There is sunlight that filters through the spaces between the branches and I am used to it. Whenever I step into one of the shadows cast by a branch it is always a shock. I don't know how tall the tree is or how long I will be under its shadow.

It has to come to an end at some point. Right?


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