Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from Buda... and Pest

So, I arrived back from Budapest this morning at 6am. I dragged my sorry ass to the apartment, hopped in the shower, then got ready to go teach. After my class, I decided to go to my Czech class. I was the only person there, so the teacher and I just chatted for 90 minutes. In Czech. If I weren't so damned exhausted now, I'd be over the moon about being able to carry on a 90 minutes conversation in Czech (of course, most of the conversation was spent with my hmmming and hawing trying to find the right word/combination of words... but. But! After 4 months of studying a language, I think it is freakin' awesome (and I am freakin' amazing) that I was able to do that. ('Course, my head feels like it is going to explode right now, but... small price to pay).

Anyway, I'm gonna finish up some laundry and drink some mint tea and then collapse (and hopefull sleep. I am pretty much unable to sleep during the day here, but I kinda feel like today I might be able to do it).

Pics and stories of Budapest to come. Eventually.


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

I believe I read somewhere that Will Smith, as part of his preparation to portray Muhammed Ali, would watch clips of Ali fighting...over and over and over, right before bedtime, because he heard/read/thought it helped him learn the moves better.

Maybe that 90 minute Czech convo right before you zonked out (right?!) will be especially beneficial. :)


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