Thursday, November 04, 2004

Petit French Lesson

Petit French Lesson (for those of you who might wish to telephone me)

I go by my middle name, so you have to ask for Justine

Can I speak to Justine:
Est-ce que je parle avec Justine? Es kuh juh parl avec Justine?

I am:
Je suis: sa mère (her mother) Juh swee sah mare.
son père (her father) Juh swee so(n) pear.
sa grand-mère (her grandmother) Juh swee sah gran mare.
son grand-père (her grandfather) Juh swee so(n) gran pear.
son ami (her friend) Juh swee son ah me.

There is an emergency:
Il y a un situation critique. Eel E ah u(n) sit oo ah see on critique.

Tell her to call me:
Dit-elle a telephoner moi. Dee el ah telah phonay moi.

My name is:
Je m’appelle… Juh muh pell…

To spell your name:
A ah
B bay
C say
D day
E er
F (same)
G jay
H osh
I ee
J gee
K kah
L (same)
M (same)
N (same)
O (same)
P pay
Q coo
R air
S (same)
T tay
U ooo
V vay
W doublah vay
X (same)
Y (too complicated to explain. Just substitute an I and I’ll figure it out)
Z zed

2. Of course, most of the assistants speak at least a little bit of English and are able to understand it pretty well. Speak slowly and clearly and they might understand you. If not, you can run through Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian (in that order) and someone will speak at least one of those languages!


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