Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Job Applications...

So, here is where I applied today:

Sounds all cool and hippie-esque, right? My friend Leah applied there as well. I would just be a cashier, but I think the environment would be laid back and that's probably more of what I need right now.

I also have a three hour interview/assessment/orientation thingie with Manpower tomorrow. It is a temporary employment agency. I really, really, really am not looking forward to it, but at least it makes me feel like I am actively searching for a job (which, believe it or not, I hate doing. I would just rather have the job and be done with it. But oh well.)

I have been reading John Barth's _Road to Nowhere_. It is a novella about a love triangle at Wicomico teacher's college that actually happened. Really interesting story--I really like the way the Barth has developed his characters--especially the main one. His thought patterns are totally illogical and would not work if Barth had not developed them the way that he did.

By the way, Wicomico Teacher's College=Salisbury University. Yup, this sordid affair took place in the very place where I have already suffered so much. I hear tell that the book was actually banned from campus for several years. No better way to get kids to read than to ban a book I always say.

Also, pronunciation for Wicomico. The main stress is on the first 'co'--not, as I like to say it, WI'co MI'co.

More later.



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