Thursday, September 01, 2005

Botox Bill strikes again.

Well, folks, Botox Bill of Fox has done it again--he has proven that he is a soul-less approximation of a sentient being. Mom and I had been watching news all evening when she decided to flip to Fox to see "what the enemy is saying." And sure enough, within about a minute, Botox Bill declared that people had decided not to evacuate New Orleans so they could loot after the hurricane went through.

Right. He said that.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the missing link, the final step in proving that human beings did evolve from apes. An unevolved cosmetic surgery accident with a television show. Then again, I've watched Animal Planet enough to know that apes do care about other apes. But, seriously, how any human being can look at footage of New Orleans and the Superdome, hear reports of corpses floating down the streets, see pictures of naked babies with no clean diapers, old grandmothers barely able to breathe--how any human being can see people suffer like that--and not just any people, but one's brethren, the fellow citizens of one's country--how any human being can see all that and suggest what he suggested... Well, to me it indicates a clear lack of a soul.

This whole situation is unacceptable. Beyond Botox Bill and "le vache du far west" is the simple fact that there are thousands of people--thousands of Americans--who have not received any aid, who have suffered now for four days. I guess that being an American only means something when it is convenient to those in power. How else could one explain the discrepancy in our treatment of our citizens. Another tragedy that occurred about four years ago elicited cries of anger and revenge. Now this tragedy elicits accusations about the motives of the inhabitants of New Orleans. Being an American only means something if you are rich and white.

That should not be so shocking. We have known for years that that is how matters stand. So we know, without even having to see the photos, that the vast majority of refugees in the New Orleans Superdome are black. What is truly shocking is the blatant lack of assistance given to these refugees. We can tell ourselves over and over again that racism is no longer a problem, or that it is less of a problem, or that blacks and whites are equal now... but one look at the Superdome shows us that our self-congratulatory back-patting about conquering racism is just an empty farce. Where is the aid that these people--these living, breathing, thinking, feeling people--need?


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