Sunday, August 21, 2005


So. I watched _Bride and Prejudice_ twice in as many nights. I now have the song "No life without wife" going through my head. All I can say about the movie is... Fun! Maybe it helps to have seen a couple of Bollywood movies before watching it. I don't know, as I've never seen any. But I still enjoyed the sheer lunacy that is B&P.

Audience recommendation: People between about 5 and 45, though both ends are flexible depending on the person's sense of humor.

Sense of humor required: Weird. Bizarre. A sense of lunacy is helpful.

Nodding acquaintance with _Pride and Prejudice_ enhances viewing pleasure.

As an added bonus, Naveen Andrews is in it (whom my Mom adores and who, as she continually points out, has a thing for older women).


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Luqman لقمان said...

From what I can tell, the response from the Bollywood crowd to this movie is lukewarm at best. Aishwarya has done better and, considering that this is from the director of "Bend it like Beckham," the bar was set pretty high.
Personally, I think the best introduction to Bollywood movies would be "Umrao Jaan." The story is poignant and affecting (it is adopted from the first modern Urdu Novel), the songs are classic, and the acting is exceptional. There is a remake in the works with Aiswarya in the title role. There are a number of Bollywood films that have feminist themes, such as "Fire", "Lajja", and "Godmother." The Bollywood culture, I think, is at least partially responsible for some
of the more progressive trends in the larger Subcontinental culture, although it does at times give in to
a grating, mindless nationalism with hints of paranoia and xenophobia. Anyway, sorry for ranting on and on about Bollywood. I think a tart would be an excellent gift for your neighbor; offering sweets is a traditional custom of welcoming and is a mark of hospitality and 'adab (etiquette). As for rice dishes, I'm sure Nadia would like to lend you one of her books. Pulao is the primordial rice dish in Pakistan; Biryanis are served on special occasions. Let me know. And today is Kitty day!


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