Friday, June 24, 2005

My fan mail

So, here is an e-mail from my British buddy Jo (or as Natalia, the Argentinean spells it, Joh.) This is just an example of the many, many fan letters I have received about my 'blog (okay, this is actually the one fan letter I have received about my 'blog--but it's a start.)

Hey justine!!!

how are you? I've been keeping track of you're
movements through your blog
- it makes me laugh so much to read all the
stuff, it's just like having you
here chatting away - u still have the same great
way with words!
Congratulations on getting your
tutoring/assistant thing by the way, am
really pleased all is going well 4u!

First things first, i posted your little gift
when I got back, was just
wondering if you had ever received it or not?
The english postal system is
notoriously bad so in case of non delivery, feel
free to blame us

ooooooh got to go for dinner, will write more
later xxxx

She is just too cute for words, itsn't she? Anyway, to answer the question of all you curious readers out there ("all you curious readers" being, um, my mom) No, I have not received the package and Yes, I am blaming it on shoddy English post. There are many things that the US does wrong, but US mail is pretty damn good. If the Brits can ever get my package off the island (and towards the West), I may actually see it some day.

Well, it is time to go down to Mom's dissy defense. Wish her all sorts of luck.



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