Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pride goeth before a long night of computer problems...

Well, I was feeling all smart because I had gotten the sound card on my Dad's new computer (my old desktop) to finally start working... and I downloaded some nifty spyware/virus protection stuff. I got all of Dad;s stuff transferred, all his programs loaded, everything connected (well, the scanner is not working yet but that is not completely my fault...) So, I decided it was time to set up the (dum dum dum) wireless home network.

Well, after only two hours the desktop computer is connected. Now I am working on the laptop. (Actually, the desktop thing was not so bad. I got it to work the first time, but I couldn't get it to work with the laptop so I scrapped it all, re-installed, and changed the settings. No dice.) So I figure it will probably take me several more hours to get the laptop to work--and that is if I'm lucky. (If I'm not lucky at least the router has three more ports so I can (maybe) set up a wired network).

But, damnit, I want to make this work. I have all sorts of pride that needs to be salvaged. Grrr.


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