Sunday, May 22, 2005

Life Goals

Every now and again I think about my goals in life:

1. Learn two languages other than English.
2. Move out of my parents' homes for more than three years (my record thus far).
3. Earn either two Masters degrees OR one PhD.
4. Have someone name their kid after me.
5. Visit Africa (haven't narrowed down which countries yet), China, Taiwan (maybe), Russia, Turkey, South America (again, haven't narrowed down which countries yet), Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Chech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Australia, New Zealand... and I'm sure there are more but I've forgotten about them.
6. Go on a cruise (why not?)
7. Go to Disney Land.
8. Have an orange cat named Nabokov.
9. Learn to sing.
10. Write a book (note: I did not say publish a book--I only want to write one).
11. Take some photography classes.

I think they are all pretty simple. I plan on achieving most of them (though getting someone to name their kid after me might be a little tough. I just have to keep cozying up to pregnant women.)


At 9:49 AM, Blogger STAG said...

Well, you DID write a BLOG.

Does that count?

At 5:22 PM, Blogger Captain Disgruntled said...

I promise to name my next child after you.

Particularly if it's a boy.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Ovonia Red said...

Bill -- I did consider revising my 'blog into a more readable form. I may do that while I am here is Illinois, as I have loads of free time now (not being sarcastic).

Hil -- I really ought to go back and revise my post. I will accept not only children but also pets being named after me. And it doesn't have to be a straight Deirdre. There is also Justine, DJ, and Derrick (or any spelling variation of Derrick). So, next pet you get, you have several naming options. And, if you do get knocked up again, I am going to laugh my ass off. Then I am going to hold you to your promise.


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