Friday, June 24, 2005

Good news!

Waa Hoo! Mom passed the dissy!

Damn, I make it sound like a kidney stone or a large bowel movement...

Yeah, it was about an hour of not-so-quality doze time (I was trying not to drool on her committee). One guy kept interrupting her to ask questions that even I could tell were asinine (mostly because the other members of the committee were rolling their eyes). She finally finished her presentation and the committee wer eallowed to ask their questions. Two people didn't have any comments or questions, two people had just slight things they mentioned, and two harped on about typos and other lame, lame things (these other lame things had to do with the samples and numbers and Mom shot down every comment with, "Well, I thought about that, but it won't work because..." And that was that. The committee finally kicked us out of the room and debated Mom's dissy (or talked about basketball). Then they called her back in and pronounced her done... with a "few small changes that should only take a week to finish."

Mom and I went to eat with three other doctorate students. Pizza. Yum. Oh, and we had a bottle of sparkling white wine (and between the five of us, managed to not finish the bottle. Go figure.)

Now Mom is meeting with her adviser (Satan Bill) to talk about... I don't know what. She's done, damnit. Leave her alone so we can get back home and I can take a nap. I really need one after sitting through an entire accounting dissertation defense.

Oh, speaking of Satan, I must recommend the movie "Manos: The Hands of Fate." Try to find the MST3K version (because otherwise it is completely unwatchable).


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Amy B. said...

Hey, congrats on your mom's dissertation.


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