Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Dalmatian Coast

Here are some pictures of the Dalmatian Coast (Croatia and Montenegro).

Budva, Montenegro. A resort city that had pretty much been taken over by the Russians (the owner of the youth hostel where I stayed was even Russian). The old city had been completely rebuilt, giving it a little-too-perfect Disney World feel--but it was still a neat place to wander. Sv. Stefan was completely closed (the first thing my Mom asked me when I told her that I had been to Budva), so I didn't get to see it. Sv. Stefan is an island/casino/resort/hotel near Budva.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. When we went to Dubrovnik back in the 80s, there we no ruins at all. Instead, there was an old town with multi-colored roofs. But when Yugoslavia imploded, the Serbians bombed Dubrovnik (not to make the Serbs the absolute bad guys on this. From what I can figure, the Croatians were not exactly blameless through the whole thing). Anyway, what you now see are all new roofs. There were only a couple of places in the city that were still in ruins.

Overview of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Kotor, Montenegro. The largest fjords in the Balkans. Only these aren't technically fjords
(apparently the Scandanavian and English use of the word "fjord" have slightly different geological meanings. Who'd a thunk it?)


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