Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Istanbul, Turkey

After my rough night on the train (see Turkish toilet story) and obtaining my visa (which occured when the train crossed the Turkish border at about 3 in the morning. All the Americans had to get off the train and go into a little office and buy visas. I hadn't been sure how much the visa was going to cost--the price went all the way up to $100 when the Iraq war started-and I wasn't sure which currencies the Turkish border guards were going to accept--so I made sure that I was carrying enough to cover visa costs in either Euros or US Dollars (or even Canadian dollars). Anyway, I only had to pay $20 (and endure a couple of less than positive comments on my passport photo--which really is the worst picture in the world. I hope I don't look near as bad as I do in pictures...).

The Aya Sofia. It was an Orthodox Cathedral which was later converted into a Mosque. Now it is a historical building with a hefty entrance fee.

Inside the Basilica Cistern, under the old part of Istanbul. Again from the time of Constantinople.

Across the mighty Bosporus.

Inside the Aya Sofia (yeah, my pictures are a little out of order. Tough luck).

A street of shops right behind the Blue Mosque.

The Blue Mosque.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Anna said...

These are great, amazing glimpses into your travels.
Very nice photographs...in any order. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!


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