Monday, September 29, 2008


Made it to Cuenca... but what a hell of a trip. Yesterday I spent seven hours sitting on top of a train going through mountains (we only derailed once) and four and a half hours standing on a bus surrounded by people from the Netherlands (what the hell is up with that anyway? Everywhere I´ve gone here, I´ve been surrounded by Dutch people. So much for my attempts to learn Spanish).

I´ve inhaled about half the dirt in Ecuador. (The day before yesterday, I spent a few hours riding on the tops and in the backs of some trucks). Didn´t sleep much last night. Haven´t had a real meal in.... uh, who knows how many days (but I did get a deep-friend banana yesterday).

I love traveling!

Anyway, today I´m going to take it easy--maybe take a nap and actually buy myself an almuerzo (luuuunnncccchhhh!!!). I will probably stay in Cuenca a few days, then head either to the coast or to Banos, further inland. I figure I still have a week or so to travel before I need to be back in Quito.


At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"top of a train"...why do I think of India, with you clinging to the roof of a train?

"ONLY Derailed once" gee, how comforting.

So, here's some Dutch for you:

Het is koud

or, when you're really, really cold:

Het ijskoud


At 9:20 PM, Blogger Violin Woman said...

Dutch! I'd be right at home! I should definitely come visit. Never mind that I don't actually speak Dutch . . .


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