Wednesday, January 04, 2012


January 2, 2012

My first impression of the airport at Moscow—this up disembarking from the plane—was that it smelled like stale cigarettes. Not unexpectedly, by the way. I was more surprised that the smell was not stronger.

Hm. For some reason, my computer keeps changing my font size, type, and color without any input from me. It also keeps changing the location of my cursor. I’ll be in the middle of typing a word and the cursor will more about half a sentence back, meaning that the rest of the word I was in the process of typing is now in the middle of a word I completed seconds before. And I feel like my computer keeps trying to change the format or style or something of this document. There is a blue line that keeps appearing in different locations. Damn machine.

Damn, I’m tired and fuzzy. Difficult to write anything substantial or interesting or intelligent when all one is inclined to do is stare at the glare of the lights on the terminal floor. Shiny floor. Nice.

Flight leaves at 10:55. It is now 7:35. And I’m tired of my cursor moving. Time for a nap, I think…


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