Thursday, February 01, 2007

And the award goes to...

Okay, this is the second creepies thing in Prague--the museum of Communism. I haven't been inside yet (!), so maybe it is really neat and warm and inviting... if you can get past the tank.

This wins the award for creepiest structure in Prague. It is at the end of the park near where I live, and it is HUGE! (look for the tiny people in the picture--it is like trying to spot Waldo. Click on the picture itself to enlarge it if you are having problems finding the person in the yellow coat). Anyway, I think this is a statue of Jan Vaclav Hus Havel, who lead a Protestant Army into Prague, then lit himself on fire before being flung out of the window by a couple of communist soldiers. He was okay, though, because he landed on Kafka, who was... (uhhh, running out of cultural references... I've obviously gotta learn a little bit more... oh, wait, I remember!) Kafka was having an affair with the Prime Minister and got pregnant and now no one has any confidence in the Czech Government!


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