Saturday, April 07, 2007

In Crackhouse... I mean Krakow...

Hullo from Krakow. The hostel I'm staying in has free Internet (this is, so far, one of the best hostels I've stayed in. Unfortunately I am in a 12-bed room, so we shall see. It is the other people in a hostel that really make or break the experience. Hopefully Krakow won't pull the same "gotta-get-wasted-drinking-beer" crowd that Prague seems to pull... but we shall see. On the train ride up two American girls were talking about drinking beer, smoking weed, and snorting Xanax, so... hope they're not staying here!)

It is only 4:30pm here, but I'm on a tea break. I got to Krakow at 6am, dropped my stuff off at the hostel, drank a mug of tea, and set out... so basically I figure that from 7:30 to 3:30 I spent six hours walking (one hour for lunch, a half an hour to the Salt Mine, and a half an hour back in defeat). I'm going to head out again in a few minutes to see Krakow in the evening (and maybe catch a movie... if I can find something cheap with an English language track or English subtitles). Then, abck to the hostel to completely pass out (didn't get much sleep last night. In the future I'm not going to bother paying extra for a sleeping compartment because I didn't sleep anyway...)

Broke the "never eat anything larger than your head" rule today...

How the menu lists Polish vegetable: Saurkraut, fried saurkraut, saurkraut with ham, saurkraut and gerkins, etc.

I am almost directly East of Prague, but in several ways I feel like I've gone West. I feel like I've gone forward in time (if not twenty years to 2007, at least ten years to 1997...). No Skunk hair and no eighties clothes and NO FINAL COUNTDOWN! (Heard Hey Ya by Outkast so I'm, what, 2004?)

Well, enough for now. Time to clean my mug, put my shoes back on, and head out again. Wish me luck (I may just have to leave my exhausted carcass somewhere tonight and go pick it up again tomorrow when I have more energy...)


At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Sounds like a nice time, thus far. Hopefully your dozen-or-so roomates are the non-drunk, non-stoned, non-nuisance types. :)
Looking forward to hearing about the six hour walk/adventure.
Good luck with future good (smaller-than-head-sized) eats. :)

At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Isn't that just asking for trouble, 12 people in the same room who have all been eating sauerkraut??!!


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