Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mom's Visit to Prague

So, here are some pictures from Mom's visit to Prague. It was very, very cold (and usually windy), so I didn't get a lot of pictures.

The Mozart Museum. It was a little overpriced for what it was--there really wasn't too much there. The highlight was a lock of Mozart's hair (which kinda creeped me out--it reminded me too much of relics--like the bones of a saint paraded down the street in a box once a year).

As part of my collection of pictures of dead composer's graves, here is Dvorak. He is buried in Vysehrad (along with Smetana, whose grave was slightly less ornate). I think if I never learn any more Czech, I will be content with having learned how to pronounce Dvorak correctly (or as correctly as a non-Czech can pronounce it).

St John Nepomuk on Charles bridge. He was thrown from a bridge. People rub him for luck. Personally, I wouldn't think that rubbing a guy who was thrown from a bridge is all that lucky, but... whatever.

Pretty building. Don't know what it is, but it looked nice so I got a picture.

Golden Lane behind the castle. It is called Golden Lane because alchemists supposedly lived here. It started out as a place for palace guards to live, then it turned into a dangerous place with thieves and murderers. Eventually, there was a cafe here that Kafka frequented (or maybe he lived here--I forget). But hmmm, that makes me think... it has been a couple hours since my last cup of tea. I think it is time for another one...

Me. I know I don't post many pics of myself, so even though this is not a great picture, I figured I'd post it so you all could see that I actually am in Prague and not really writing these posts from a mental institution in the States.

Detail of Narodni Divadlo, the National Theatre. This is one of the Prague Opera houses (I think there are three total? Or three Opera companies with several theatres... who knows). Anyway, my Czech classes are right across from this theatre... and I pass this theatre on my way to work (if I'm teaching at the main school). It is very, very cool... I think it might be my favorite building in Prague.


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