Saturday, March 24, 2007

Everything is Illuminated... again...

Here are the transcripts from the two scenes in Everything is Illuminated
(I thought I should put the two lines in context--otherwise, they might
seem a little offensive):

Alex: Grandfather, I've got Jonfen. We should go to Lutsk. Yes?
Johnathan: Are you sure he's okay?
Alex: Grandfather!
Grandfather (in Ukrainian): Shut up! I'm blind, not deaf.
I heard you the first time!

Johnathan: What does he say?
Alex: He says, "Okey-dokey, we will go now. "
Johnathan: Where will the dog be?
Alex: What do you mean?
Johnathan: I have a phobia.
(Alex looks confused)
Johnathan: A fear.
(Alex still looks confused)
Johnathan: I'm distressed by dogs.
Alex (to his Grandfather): He is afraid of dogs.
Grandfather (in Ukrainian): Bullshit, no one is afraid of dogs.
Alex (to Johnathan): Grandfather informs me this is not possible.
Johnathan: What?
Alex: Get in the car.
Grandfather (in Ukrainian): The bitch and the Jew will share the
back seat. It is big enough for both of them.

Johnathan: No, wait. Wait. You don't understand. I have a very serious,
serious problem with dogs.

(Cut to scene with Johnathan sharing the backseat with the dog).


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