Monday, May 14, 2007

Putting off prepping lessons...

So, I'm mostly prepped for the week... I just need to prep half of my Friday class. Ugh. I'm gonna do 90 min of Business English and then do a 90 min lesson on pick-up lines (well, chat-up lines since I'm supposed to be teaching British English). Thing is, I know the little f-ers won't like anything that I bring in, so I'm totally unmotivated to do any prep for the class. So I'm posting more pictures on my 'blog instead. I went for a Prague ramble both days last weekend, so I've got some new pics. The amazing thing about Prague is that there are so many gardens. They are tucked away and almost every time I go for a walk, I find at least a little garden.

By the way, my favorite Czech word (so far) is Neparkovat. Not that that has anything to do with anything, but it is just a cool word. I still laugh when I hear To je skoda. Oh, and for some reason it completely drives my Czech teacher nuts that I pronounce futbal "football." I basically can't pronounce anything in this language, but that one just sets her off every time. Go figure. I can't even get a fix on the Czech pronunciation... something like /foatbawwwl/... but who knows.

Anyway, to the pictures...

From last weekend, actually. This is just below the Prague Castle.

From Petrin Park. There are two little (teeny tiny) lakes (really too small to be called lakes, but still bigger than puddles) in the park and this is one of them.

Inside the Strahov Monastery. I was bummed that I couldn't actually access the garden in the cloisters. Cloisters are always my favorite park of monasteries and they almost always have them off limits to visitors. Go Figure.

Ceiling in the Strahov monastery. Still not as cool as the off-limits cloister garden (okay, it was just a fountain and some grass, but I really wanted to be able to walk through the garden. I mean, what is the point of having a cloister (of having cloisters? Is it always plural? Help?) if you can't actually get to it? Damned hard to mediate through windows. Okay, I'm done now with the cloisters (cloister?).

Okay, I really need to get back to work...

...After I get a snack and some tea and water and popcorn and watch some Nero Wolfe and see if the two DVDs one of my students lent me have English subtitles...


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Aye, I'd have to agree that the off-limits parts always seem to be more interesting/pique more interest.
Good for you, though, for not causing an international incident by goin' through a window to get at the cloister(s). :)

You want I should ask the Englishman at the Lyric for some authentic "chat-up" lines? ;)


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