Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here are some pictures from the Pest side of the Danube. Hope you enjoy!

Me looking hot after a ten hour train ride, a walk through the city, and several applications of 60+ SPF sunblock (which had my two travel companions--both Portuguese--laughing at me).

Side shot of St Stephan's Basilica.

The Great Synagogue. I had never thought of Budapest (and Hungary in general) as having a large Jewish population, but this Synagogue (dating from 1859) is the largest functioning synagogue in Europe (and the second largest in the world, I think).

The castle at City Park. I don't think it was ever a functioning castle... I would say Neo-Gothic.

Hero's Square at the end of Andrassy Utca.

Detail of the Opera House.

Front view of St Stephan's Basilica.

A street festival. This is the Pest side. The Chain Bridge was closed off to traffic and the festival stretched across the bridge to the Buda side.

I have no idea what this building is, but it was next to the Parliament Buildings and it looked cool so I took a picture of it.



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