Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Soooo... Next Tuesday, I fly out of the USA, stop in Canada briefly, then head over to London. Then I rush to a different airport, board yet another airplane, and fly to Ljubljana. From Ljubljana I will travel by train through Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey (well, just to Istanbul), up to Bulgaria (possibly making a stop in Sofia--will depend on how much time I have), the up to Romania. From Romania I will catch a plane back to London, where I will rush to a different airport, then fly to Canada (again, a brief stop), then back to the USA... where my mother will meet me with the car so we can drive down to ROVA (Rest of Virginia--not to be confused with NOVA--Northern Virginia. If you live in this area, you will understand) to catch a Gogol Bordello show (and hit the Indian food restaurant and Asian market). After all this, we will drive back to Salisbury, where I will collapse and sleep for about a week (or two).

Anyway, I'm totally stoked about this trip. Just dyed my hair--I will have to post a picture. It is DARK. I've pretty much rounded up everything I need (except my backpack has not yet arrived). I also, as I was laying out possible clothes to take with me, realized that I own two acceptable tee-shirts. I honestly have no idea how this happened--how I managed to NEVER NOTICE that I only have TWO tee-shirts (well, that I can wear in public). I have rectified (what an awful word. Makes me think of Republicans) SOLVED this problem. I just hope they match my new hair. (Now I think I need new glasses to match my new hair).

Not thinking about the next job just yet. Well, I have a few options in the back of my mind... but I figure there is no point in even looking until I get back from my whirlwind tour of the Balkans/Greece/Istanbul/Romania.

SOOoooooo cool. My life ROCKS.


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Ooh, India Garden! :)

Sounds like you're doing all kinds of new stuff! (Had/have you dyed your hair before?)

ROVA. I think I like it. Except maybe from my angle I'd call it ROVU- Rest of Us...but then that makes me think of Seinfeld's Festivus. Which kinda fits, I suppose.

Take care/happy travels!

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Bill said...

What was it you said in Prague? "Oh, I'll just never sleep again!".


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