Thursday, November 22, 2007

Test your vocabulary (and do some good)

Just in case the music test was not your cup of tea, here is a vocabulary test:


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now with double-rice-points goodness!

At 1:42 PM, Blogger STAG said...

question 1....why would we hire you instead of a below minimum wage illegal that doesn't require benefits? (D'Arcy was asked that in Dallas. They are brutally honest in Texas!)

question 2. We know you speak French fluently, but were you born here? (From a City of Quebec application form. Presumably, its not about language but about being "pure line".)

question 3. Do you really really really need more than a weeks notice for us to fire your ass? (that was the translation after all the verbiage was removed when a friend of mine wanted a job at a fast food store.)

question 4. Do you have a problem with double split shift at minimum wage? That is...5:30AM to 9AM, 11AM to 1PM, and 5PM to 7:30PM, expecially on weekends? (an actual question I was asked when I applied to be a short order cook back in the day)

question 5. Are you totally familiar with the employers and employees rights act of 2003? (the correct answer if you want to get the job is no...)

question 6. Do you have a problem working with your shirt off? (asked to a female friend of mine seeking a job at a video store. Turned out to be a triple x video store. How creepy was that?)

question 7. Can you do this job? (Just kidding, nobody has ever asked that...ha ha!)

At 1:46 PM, Blogger STAG said...

I would suggest a couple of weeks temporary work at a local garage changing is the time when they are swamped with people changing from summer to winter tires. It would take you, what...10 minutes to learn the job.
I was going to suggest wearing a scoop neck shirt to the job interview, but hey, you already knew that....


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