Wednesday, December 07, 2005

First semester almost over!

In a week, I will be finished with this semester. Yea! Only four more semesters to go (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) and then I should (hopefully, hopefully) be done.

But I think I may have finally stumbled onto something good: linguistics. Especially sociolinguistics. I had thought that, to do linguistics, one must be good at languages (which I'm not). But I could do sociolinguistics in English. Not now, of course--but I'm thinking that, after a few years of travel, I could start to work at a community college teaching ESL, and get more into sociolinguistics, eventually publishing some research. There is so much room for research--I'm only on my first semester, and I already see so much original research I could do.

So that's all pretty exciting.

Meanwhile, I think the car might be going into her death throes. It has been icy here--not very icy to you Canadians; anyways that's not the point here--it's been getting icy and my car has reacted by icing up on the inside. SO now not only do I have to scrape the outside of the car, I also have to scrape the inside. I'm thinking this can't be a good sign. She's only a '97, but she was never very healthy to begin with.


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