Monday, December 12, 2005

Friends makin' babies

So. Another friend is pregnant. What is the baby count up to now? And who will be next?

I should probably learn to knit so I can make baby presents for my friends. Only some pregnant women might become upset if they received a baby sweater that had three arm holes. Go figure.

I have my final exam today. I think I meant to re-read some of the chapters (um, read some of the chapters) but I took a nap instead. ANyway, I'm allowed to bring a page of notes with me. I thought about writing up the page in French, but I decided that it would require too much work. In that class, breathing requires too much work. (This would be the infamous Ed Research class. May I never have to take another education class again.)

I went last week to the prof's office to ask him about the Mann-Whitney U test. He didn't have a clue. He was like,"Yeah. The Mann-Whitney, thats, um, the non-parametric equivalent of the t test." Duh.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

So how was the exam?


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