Sunday, March 05, 2006

How can I not?

Well, the IDRS convention is in Indiana this year. How can I not go? (IDRS=International Double Reed Society). Well, there is that little matter of my not having played my oboe for about three years now--but at this particular moment it is more a matter of logistics. I have no where to make reeds. I could probably get by with sneaking into the practice rooms on campus for my actual practicing, but I have no where I can go to make my reeds. (There is also the very slight matter of lack of time). I do plan to get back into the world of the oboe. Hell, I've even had a couple of informal job offers thrown my way (everyone loves an oboist--or, perhaps more accurately, everyone loves a decent oboist. Everyone hates a bad one).

But then there is the question of travel. I mean, not traveling to Indiana (one day drive--peice of cake). But future traveling to other sundry parts of the world (guess I better look up sundry. I think I know what it means. I've encountered it enough in travel writing and advertisements. Still, not completely sure of the little twiggly bits of meaning that are attached to it. Oh well. Maybe later.) If I go to, say, Indonesia (yeah, sooooo not gonna happen), what do I do with the oboe? Bring it along? And my knives? As an American traveling to a distant country, do I really really want to check a bag of knives? And I might encounter the same problem over there of having no place to practice. Not to mention the fact that, while the oboe might be fine in the humidity there, it would probably explode upon return to the USA. (Which leads me to wonder if, if I really am serious about it, it might be better for me to pick up a plastic oboe for travel purposes. But the sound...! Then again, it might be a good chance for me to work on creating a better sound overall, so that when I get back to my Fossiti Tiery [sounds like a sports car, doesn't it?] I have an even better sound. Hmm...)

Anyway, I do really miss playing my oboe.


At 12:15 PM, Blogger STAG said...

Can you make a plastic oboe sound good?

I know plastic bagpipe chanters are excellent.


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