Thursday, July 06, 2006


I think Ugh says it all. I'm going back to work tomorrow, after my lovely little weekend (Wednesday and Thursday, though I refer to them as Saturday and Sunday. Makes it a little tricky when I try to have a conversation with another person--thankfully, I don't do that too often...)

Anyhoo, the ITM might be going international again. I'm looking up tickets to Mexico City. V. spur of the moment here, but I'm not one to let an exotic vacation pass me by (and considering that I've already weaseled my way into a Washington DC vacation and Florida vacation, I'm also not one to let a little mooching get in the way either!)

I'm currently v. frustrated with a Mexican bus website (thank goodness, though, that Spanish at least looks a little like French so I can figure it out... as long as I'm reading it.) If I fly into Mexico city, I will have to get a taxi to the bus station, and then a bus to Taxco (yes, by myself). Hmm. Maybe now is a good time to regret not having tried harder to learn some Spanish when I lived in Arizona.

Wow, I thought bus tickets were supposed to be cheaper. Hmm... Are these in Pesos? I guess so. Does a peso use a dollar sign? I guess it would be in Pesos... I mean, the site is in Spanish. If it is in Pesos, it is only about 9 dollars. If it is in dollars, it is about 90 bucks. (Details, details)

Okay, I'm buyin' the ticket.


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