Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Czech Republic

Well, I had a phone interview with a language school in the Czech Republic today. It wasn't too bad--I kind of flubbed my way through my explanation of what types of activities I would use to get students to practice the Present Perfect Tense, but the interviewer asked me a ocuple of questions about how I would use some reading with students and I'm pretty good at coming up with pre-, during-, and post-reading activities. Anyway, at the end of the interview, the person interviewing me said that I had the job if I wanted it. Yea!

_Pros of school_
-->Duh, it is is Prague
-->Several teachers (good for feedback and idea exchange--something I'm missing in my current work!)
-->I'd be teaching adults
-->Guarantees minimum hours of teaching per week
-->School offers free Czech lessons
-->School offers French (and German) lessons at half price (though if I don't make much, can I really afford these lessons?)

_Cons of school_
-->Salary is a pittance (though I'm not going there to make money, I still want to make sure I have enough to live)
-->Does not provide airfare
-->There is a lot of traveling to teach at students' workplaces (school pays transportation costs)
-->School does not provide accomadation (but it does not look like most schools in Prague do)

I've looked at teacher reviews of the school on the internet, and the only complaint I've seen is about the amount of a time a teacher has to spend traveling. The school itself has been around for a long time (Well, since after the Velvet Revolution), so it is not some fly-by-night operation (which I think is actually more a danger with TEFL in Asia).

Hmm. Anyway, if I go to Prague, you are all invited to come and visit me.



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