Sunday, September 16, 2007

The desert island album question

So, everyone knows that question about what five albums you would take on a desert island, right? I have my own version of it. What five to seven albums would you load onto a MP3 player to prepare for a four week trip.

This is what I have decided to take. I'm sure if I had more time to really agonize over the decision, I would change several things. This is just what I grabbed after glancing through my music folders.

1. Dead Can Dance
2. Keith Jarrett (La Scala)
3. Paul Simon (Graceland)
4. Massive Attack
5. Sibelius (Symphony 5)
6. Garden State (couldn't find my Romeo and Juliet, so this was actually my second choice)
7. Radiohead (OK Computer)
8. Josquin Des Prez (Missa Herkules)
9. Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream)

Now, this actually does not coincide with my list of the top ten albums ever made. This is just my half-ass attempt at some variety (but with an emphasis on music that I know calms me). We shall see how it works. But I suppose I should ask (and I am actually very curious)...

What nine albums would YOU take on a four week vacation?


At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Shari said...

Well, I don't know about the nine albums question . . . As a start, there'd definitely be some Weird Al and some Santana. Santana is my driving music, and I like to sing along with Weird Al. :-)

I hope you'll have a great trip, and I hope I'll be able to see you when you're back in Maryland. You'll be glad to know that we'll be moved into the new house by the time you return! (We move September 28th.) By the way, you didn't actually need to arrange to be out of the country - we did hire movers!


At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Shari said...

Oh, and Mom just said to tell you hi. :-) I've been at Mom and Dad's since Thursday night. Dad is visiting his family, but he'll be home tomorrow. Rob stayed with us Friday and Saturday night, but it is easier for him to go to work from Brian and Amy's, so I was all by myself Thursday night and will be again tonight. It feels really weird to sleep without him in the bed next to me - Thursday was the first time we've slept in separate beds since we got married. (How weird is that?)

Hugs again,


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