Friday, November 14, 2008

Week Five

It is starting to look a little like Survivor in my classes. Most of my students are hanging in there, though. I guess they figure that they paid so much for English classes, they may as well go even though they wil probably fail. I must say that I´m a little impressed with that attitude.

Anyway, just finished up week five. I have three more weeks (and three days) to go before this session ends. Right now we are doing easy stuff in the classes (a nice break for my students), but units seven and eight (especially eight--when we start talking about verbs that are followed by gerunds or infinitives) are going to hit them pretty hard. I´m trying to prepare them a little for the idea of a ¨last push.¨

As for me, nothing exciting. I wake up early, I teach, I have Spanish class, I teach some more, I do some Tai Chi with some friends, I go home, I prep classes, I eat, I do some more prep, I collapse, I get up and do it all over again. Saturdays I meet up with some folks to work on Tai Chi, then we hang out, then on Sundays I prep classes. Hopefully I will have the same class next cycle so I won´t have to do quite as much prep work.


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