Thursday, October 06, 2005

Le Sigh...

I just got an e-mail from Lena, my Russian roommate at Camille Vernet (France). She has returned to CV and is living in Natalia's (the Argentinian--remember her?) old room. Alessia (the Italian) is in Paris this year.

So now I am feeling all wistful. Lena wrote that CV is just not the same without us. I can't believe that I miss living in that Middle/High school, but... well, it was in France. And I was actually quite fond of Valence--even though I would never admit it to the others. So here I am, on this damp and stinky Eastern Shore, dreaming of France and Venise and Morocco. Yeesh. I still get e-mails from SNCF, the French train system. Today I received one that was offering 20E specials between Valence and Paris and also between Lyon and Toulouse. But I'm stuck in the Writing Center--when I don't exactly feel welcome--typing about distant places on a very slow computer. I'm stuck eating mushy bread and super sugary yoghurt.

How pathetic am I? Exactly one year ago I was in France. I was confused and overwhelmed (though at this point I actually knew where I was going to be living) and stressed and constantly exhausted. And I'm already thinking about how soon I can hop on a plane and go explore some new place. Not over Thanksgiving--I'm going to Missouri then. Christmas is in Illinois. So next summar. China? Or Backpacking through Europe (which I would do if I could convince someone to go with me. Guys? Anyone?). Or stay here and work and take a class or two so I can finish with this MA earlier.

Anyway, I've really got to get started on this whole Spanish thing. I keep telling myself that I will make some flashcards. Though, to be fair, I have been somewhat busy lately. But I've currently run out of things to do. I am ready for my presentation next week, I have finished my first field report, and I have mostly completed my David Nunan presentation. I've done the reading and homework for tonight... and I don't have any of my other books with me right now. I hardly know what to do with myself... except look at train fares in France... I wonder how much a plane to Ireland would cost...

I still haven't heard from Jo. Jo! If you are reading my 'blog, say something! Joh! Joh! Ca Va? Tout va bien en Angleterre?

Bleh. Now I am just killing time. Three more hours until my class starts. Three more hours of sitting in the writing center waiting for ESL students. I don't have any appointments so I doubt that anyone will show up. Not this late on a Thursday.

Okay. Happy thoughts. Maybe I ought to switch the music on my I-Pod to something happier. Hmmm.... Carmina Burana? Sparticus? Keane is good, but not the most cheerful sounding music out there. I could listen to some of my awful French music--remind myself about the more negative things about my stay there.


At 5:02 AM, Blogger Captain Disgruntled said...

If I thought it would help, I would post some of the specials I've been getting from British Airways---
but hey, remember how those French trains were always a)late b)re-routed c) traveling by the most circuitous and backward route between points you needed to be at?? I do!!


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