Sunday, October 02, 2005

Maryland Renaissance Festival

So. Went to the MD Renn Fest today--I missed it last year so it had actually been two years. I went with Mom and Elizabeth (Mom and I tried to get her to change her name to Darcy for the day, as it seems that everyone named Darcy winds up at the Renn Fest--she wasn't going for it though...) Anyway, it was nice to see some folks--and they all remembered me! Zenobia, the fortune teller, still does 5 dollar potato chip readings every pirate weekend. (Based on this dream I had about three years ago... or was it four... anyway, in the dream I was feeding potato chips into a computer to have my fortune told. Anyway, Zenobia was asking me for details about my dream and I was like, uhhhh... something about potato chips and computers?) Stopped by HMT, saw little d. He shaved his Rasputin beard, thank FSM. Shari, Rob, and John-Michael were there... I swear, I felt like the Belle of the Ball--Miss Socialite!

School has been insanely busy. I have some major project due just about every day in October. Yech. I've been going into an Elementary school to observe the ESL teacher. Kids. Whatever. Yeesh.

Tutoring is going well. The students seem to like me--may have to put a stop to that. Some of them like me so much that they've come in four times already. I get to the point where I'm like "Give me the damn paper already--I'll write it for you." But I smile and encourage and coax...

Oh--and on the way back from Annapolis (this is back to today now) we stopped at McDonalds for a drink, and I saw Abigail's poster! So my cousin is famous now--her poster has been up from Alaska to Maryland. I got a picture--I will post it (and some others) as soon as I get off my lazy ass...

Other than all that, not much to report. Going to the MD Renn Fest made me miss Canada a little--mostly the folks at the Ontario Renn Fest. The vibe up there seemed mellower. Anyway, I need to figure out how to get up to Canada again... I'd like to see Bill and Brenda... and I still want to get to Quebec City. Hmm, I wonder how D'Arcy is doing... I wonder if Bill and Brenda have kept in touch with her. I need to send her an e-mail.

All in all I've had a good weekend. TIme for me to get a shower (and wash Renn Dust out---you know, I had Renn Dust in the wrinkles under my eyes--bleh), do some homework (or sit in front of the computer and pretend to do some homework... and really do some jigsaw puzzles), and get to sleep.


At 11:00 PM, Blogger STAG said...

When you are not so durned busy, we would love to have you. You would recognize the place....I moved the Ren Festival to my place. Well, most of it. Could not bring Dave's booth home with me as much as I wanted to. Got the big long bench from in back right here though! (snuck it out this last weekend!) The hot tub is turned up to "parboil" and in a couple of months, you can jump out of it, roll in the snow and jump back in for serious body rush. The wine we made a few years ago is just about getting good....we open a bottle of it when we get really weepy about the loss of the faire. D'Arcy dodged the bullet of a hurricane, and we chat quite often. She wants to ride the toboggan ride in Quebec City this winter!
Brenda is getting pretty good at Scuba diving! Perhaps we can go scuba in the Bahamas some week in January!


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