Monday, October 17, 2005

Life getting back to normal. Finally.

Well, things have been crazy for the past few weeks but it is all starting to settle down now. Well, except for the mid-term today and the presentation and the field report tomorrow. I'm in the writing center, feeling unloved, resented, and unwelcome. Sigh. When I worked at the UMBC writing center I felt so... I don't know. Not unloved. I had thought that working at another writing center would put me in contact with the same type of people--you know, super smart and hardworking, friendly, talkative (ready to discuss grammar issues with me)... but everyone here is about as friendly as... wet eels. Bleh. I can understand the initial resentment--I mean, I was thrust upon this fledgling writing center by the English department--but I had thought that once these people got to know me they would become a little more open and friendly. Nope. (Or maybe the problem is that they did get to know me... sheesh.) Oh well. Je m'en fou, franchement.

And I'm forgetting all my French. Damn and double damn. And merdre. I started to write an e-mail in French to mes amies and I got about two sentences in when I realized that I was back to the level of see spot run. How depressing. How frustrating. How annoying. But I am hoping that, with the frantic month of October almost over (and with it, my ten zillion projects and papers completed and turned it) I can start working on French again. And maybe write some oh-so-humorous letters to my friends (but not oh-so-humorous because my language use is so embarrassingly awful).

I've also solved the problem of where to engage in reed-making. Mom's office! She offered her office to me--something I have a feeling she will regret in a coupld of weeks. I'm planning on running over to the music department today to see if I can get someone to bless me with a practice room. I figure all I need to do is say the magic word, oboe, and doors will, as they say, open for me. And I need to figure out how to avoid getting stuck in the wind ensamble (read: band). Every place I go, someone always tries to stick me in the band. But it is never called a band--it is always a wind ensamble. I've played in wayyyy to many "wind ensambles" in my life. I know the literature. Holst, Grainger, Vaghn-Williams--I've played it all. No, what I want is an Orchestra. A GOOD orchestra. One that plays Sibelius, Stravinsky, Schtakovich, and yes, even some Mozart and Beethoven. I don't have anywhere enough orchestra experience. And once I get back into the swing of things, I may check out some smaller ensambles (though, in general, I really don't like woodwind quartet/quintet music). But first I need to get myself a practice room so I can start playing again.


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