Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pain, pain, and more pain.

I've just discovered something infinitely more painful than bamboo shoots under fingernails (not that I would technically know about that, but I did send a sewing maching needle through my finger once and this new experience is way more painful than that). I call it Two Hours of Korean Cell Biology Lab Report Torture. I've just spent the past two hours trying to help a Korean speaking student write the results section of a 300 level Biology report.

My greatest acheivement in science is getting a C in Physics. When I did take Biology--in the 9th grade, over ten years ago--I may have squeaked by on a D. I don't remember. I'm pretty sure I passed it. Still, all I know about Mitochrondia comes from reading Madeleine L'Engle--in elementary school. There is a definite reason that I'm in the Humanities. All I know about Biology is that at some point in time I descended from a ape and that it really hurts when you put a needle through your finger (but not as much as science reports hurt).

And this poor student. I was trying really, really, really hard to not let my frustration show... and not to bleed on her notebook because I was digging my nails into my hands. I just kept thinking about all the various tortures that POWs must have gone through at the hands of tiny little Asians during some of the past few wars. Now, now, I've just gone overboard. I've said some very mean cultural things and devalued the experiences of POWs. I don't really mean what I just said (the bit before the devaluing part.) I'm just venting my frustrations by employing a bit of overexaggeration. RIght. S'all.

Meanwhile, I feel dirty. Like I have little cauliflour mitochrondia cooties crawling all over me. I may never be able to eat another vegetable again. Well, not one that has anything to do with DCIP and BSA and Asseys and graduated cylinders. WTF-evah! Like, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! How R U??????????????? IM FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K TTYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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