Thursday, April 06, 2006

Let's go fly a kite!

I went kite-flying last Sundy with a couple of friends. We managed to launch a giant turtle several times, but we couldn't keep him in the air (the wind kept dying on us). We eventually had to move on to playing with a frisbee (yea Shari, for thinking of bringing a frisbee!). The park we went to (Lum's State Park in Delaware) had a frisbee golf course... I remember the first frisbee golf course I saw. It was in Oregon, and I thought it was one of the weirdest (and dumbest) thing I'd ever seen. (I still think that). Anyway, great fun was had by all, and I managed to get my first sunburn of the year.

Coming up soon:

I am going to try and follow the race on my bicycle--especially if I can talk my Dad or one of my friends into riding with me. Hmmmm... which of my friends is weird enough to want to see the race (and dumb enough to want to do it from the ever-so-uncomfortable seat of a bicycle)?


At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Aww, kites! :)

Although the concept of a flying turtle unnerves me a little bit. Maybe it's the notion of a big hard shell skydiving, maybe it's a combination of the big hard thing pummelling unsuspecting outdoorswomen combined with Super Mario Brothers flashbacks, I dunno.

Sounds like fun, but why'd you go to DELAWARE to fly a kite?

Frisbee golfing. A friend 'round here enjoys it. I played it once. I don't get the attraction, either.

Kinetic Baltimore site. Whazzat, a pink poodle or a float in homage to cotton candy?! :)

Oh, moody me....

Good luck if you decide to participate, though!


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