Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Are we there yet?

The semester is over! Finished! Done!

Well, not really, but try telling my brain that. It shut down about three weeks ago (pre-Thanksgiving). It is never a good idea to have a five-day holiday two weeks before the end of the semester.

Other than that...

Not much going on. I've passed through the first "freaked out" stage of this whole travel thing, and I'm on the "paralyzed" phase (actually, I think I'm nearing the end. I think the next phase is probably "freaked out" phase number 2). Anyway, the paralyzed phase consisted of me sitting on the couch, watching the entire first season of Sex in the City, and consuming large amounts of chocolate. Ah well.

Other than that...

I have a huge, ugly bruise on my left forearm from Tai Chi (Small San Sau). THe worst part of having a bruise like this is that I have to be sure I wear long sleeves. When people see the bruise, they jump to the conclusion that I am being battered by a husband/boyfriend/other. Of course, no one actually says anything about it--they just look at me with pity and a little bit of fear. If I say anything about the bruise first, they just figure I'm making a excuse. And seriously, my "excuse" sucks. Conversation:
Me. "The bruise is from Tai Chi."
Them. "What's that?"
Me. "You know those old people in the park who move slowly?"
Them. "Yeah."
Me. "That's Tai Chi."
Then I have to explain that the moving slowly in the park thing is only part of Tai Chi, that it is a Martial Art, that the bruise is the result of practicing a fighting form with people twice my size, that... blah, blah, blah.

I really should post a picture of this bruise. It looks like my arm is going to rot off.

Other than that...

I'm at work and I'm bored.


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