Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Meandering Throughts

So. I figure this is the International Travel Machine and that preparations for travel are just as important (interesting? It depends, but they are part of the journey) as the voyage itself. That having been said, here is what I've been up to recently:

Post-operation Reading: I know from experience that what I chose to read while recovering from an operation (even one as minor as Wisdom Teeth Removal) is crucial to my recovery. The last time I had surgery, I read T.C. Boyle's _World's End_--a choice which left me traumatized (like, I need therapy traumatized). This time, in keeping with my eventual destination (Prague), I briefly considered re-reading either Kafka or Kundra (briefly). Yeah, I know. I haven't read Kafka since I was in the Army (which was a very appropriate place to read Kafka). Anyway, I decided that, although very good choices, neither of these books was going to leave me feeling chipper and ready to hop on a plane to a place I'd never been before (if anything, _The Trial_ might have made me look into getting a refund on my plane ticket). Anyway, I pulled out some Jeeves and Wooster, which is always nice and light. FOr some reason, though, it wasn't hitting the spot. So, I made the ever-so-natural transition to _The Poisonwood Bible_. Yum, post-op post-colonial lit (although I don't consider the PWB entirely post-colonial. I don't know, though. What do you guys think? Lugman? I KNOW you can add something to this!). Yeah, anyway, it's working out well.

School: Almost over. Just a couple more weeks, two projects, and one (very short) paper.

Flight: Ah, this was the big thing today. I booked my flight under the influence of Vicaden (spelling? I don't know--it's what House takes) right after my operation. (Oh, I also signed up for a credit card, got both my hostel card and my ISIC, reserved my room at a hostel in Prague, accepted a job, and rejected another job offer ALL under the influence of the great V. I just didn't drive anywhere.) Anyway... I was on the phone with my Dad this morning and I happened to glance at my plane reservation: Springfield to Chicago, Chicago to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Prague. All in order. Leaving Springfield at about 3:30pm December 25, arriving in Prague about 6:40pm December 26. Hmmm, that's kind of a long time, but there's a time change in there. Oh, wait. Hold up here. Arrive in Frankfurt at 9:45am, depart Frankfurt at... 5:25pm? What?! A seven hour layover in Frankfurt? Was I on drugs when I booked this ticket? Moral of the story: Don't drug and book. I guess I better go check my hostel reservation now--make sure it is actually in Prague and not in South America somewhere.


At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um . . . oops. :-) Are you sure the job you accepted is really in Prague? By the way, you never did tell me how long you'll be gone.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Ovonia Red said...

Hmm, good point. I better go check!

I'll be in Prague at least until July 2007.



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