Saturday, January 13, 2007

I HATE cell phones

So, I'm waiting for a call from the guy I'm renting the room from, and my cell phone has mysteriously stopped working. I can't check the credit, I can't call for help, I can't do f*ck all with it. Useless peice of sh*t. If I lose this room because my f*cking cell phone has decided to take a holiday, I'm going to throw the f*cking thing off the local suicide bridge.


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you need to buy more time? Is it charged?

Can you call the guy from a landline?


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Ovonia Red said...

I couldn't even tell if it had any time on it or not because the (free) numbers to call to check that info were not working. I couldn't recharge it because those numbers were not working.

I finally turned it off and turned it off again in a stroke of genius (this was after spending hours on the internet trying to figure out what ws wrong with the thing). I can now make calls, but I can' always receive calls (Mom called and that went through, but when the landlord guy called again it didn't go through). So, anyway, I still don't know what is up with it. I'm just going to ignore it for now though...

Anyway, I'm going to sign my lease and meet my future roommate tomorrow at noon. I will feel better once I actually have a physical lease in my little hands.

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Yay! Awesome swing of events...and stuff. :)
Having an iffy cell phone at this point is so much better than having iffy housing, eh? ;)

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Ovonia Red said...

Well, the iffy cell phone *is* better than iffy housing, BUT if the iffy cell phone had lead to NO housing the iffy cell phone was going to take a one-way trip off a very high bridge. (Okay, I should probably post some info on the local suicide bridge. I told my mentor where I was living, and he was like, "Oh yeah, that's right next to the Suicide Bridge. If you walk under it, watch out for falling bodies." So I guess Winter in Prague is a little rough for everyone...?! My reaction was like, "okaaayyyyy... I'll, uh, be careful. Thanks for the warning...").

Is there a way that the cell phone can still be on but not able to receive calls? I looked at call divert (which I assumed diverted calls to somewhere--not sure where though) and it was sort of on, but when I tried to turn it off, it refused to change. So maybe the cell phone gets to pick and chose who it lets through. I have no idea. I prefer email and computers. Cell phones suck.

What I really don't like about cell phones is the immediacy of everything (okay, I know I can't spell). If someone has their cell turned off and someone else tries to call, that second person gets so upset. Or if someone can't get through... Or if the cell phone rings a person just HAS to answer it, no matter where he or she is (in the public restroom--which I've heard more than once). At least with email, you can chose when you want to respond. (And even landlines don't carry the same urgency). But I do actually need a cell phone here for my job, so...

I still don't like it. I was afraid I'd get addicted and have to have one when I got back to the States, but I don't see that happening. FOr one thing, no one calls me when I'm in the States! ;)

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Shari said...

Okay . . . for what it's worth, I ignore my cell phone (or turn it off) on a regular basis. They can wait. :-) I know I'm weird, but the thing is there for *my* convenience, not me for its convenience, and that's the way I treat it.

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to see "Children of Men" on Friday, and in the middle of the movie, a cell phone rings - the guy in front of me - and he not only answers, but TALKS FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES.

It reminds me of a workshop I did about 12 years ago - before cell phones were ubiquitious. Another participant's pager went off, and he left to make a call. Five minutes later, it went off again, and again, he disrupted the session to leave. This happened repeatedly, until finally the person conducting the workshop said, "There _ARE NO_ accounting emergencies!!!" At that point, he finally turned the freaking thing off.

That's how I feel about cell phones - most calls are not emergencies and shouldn't interrupt. A call taken suggests that the caller is more important than the present company. RUDE - which seems to be a concept that has become obsolete.


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