Friday, April 13, 2007

Huh wha...?

This WTF moment brought to you by my students...

So, we've already discussed cross-cultural communication and potential problems. I ask the student if they can think of any problems that might arise when two companies from different countries work do business. I also ask for examples.

Silence for a few seconds. Then, one of my students says, "Well, my dad has two cars from Italy and whenever one of them breaks it takes two months to get a new part from Italy because Italians are lazy and they don't do any work."

The other students look at each other like WTF? I'm just left standing in front of the classroom with a very confused look on my face. Finally, one of the other students says, "Um, I don't think ordering car parts is really a problem with cross-cultural communication." Finally I find my tongue and I say, "yeah, it sounds like your dad needs to find a new supplier or dealer..."



At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Shari said...

Heh. Funny. Some of your students definitely have odd ideas about people from other cultures. :-)


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