Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More morning tea

This time it is morning tea with strawberry yoghurt and bananas... (yes, from Ecuador).

It is Wednesday morning (streda rano) and I love my Wednesday morning student... mainly because she always cancels class the night before. As long as class is canceled less than six business hours before the start of the class, I get paid. (Yea!)

So, now that I am in Prague, it seems like all the musicians/music groups I really like are putting out albums. They are all big names, so I should be able to find them in Prague (but then again, I've gone into a couple of cd stores here and have not found anything too great... mainly Naxos classical--at outrageous prices--and really bad eighties pop. I think I will have to ask my students where they buy cds) But I'm going back to the States this summer, so I should be able to pick the albums up there.

Anyway.. I was really proud of myself in Czech class yesterday. We were looking at a dialogue and a set of questions and I noticed something different about the past tense (which we hadn't learned yet) in first person and the past tense in third person. I asked the teacher (in Czech) about the difference, and she explained the past tense to us... turns out the past tense is easy. Cool. It is about time something was easy in that class, in that language. Then, after class, I went to the store and bought a bottle of water. Not a big deal--I mean, I should be able to buy water after almost four months in the country-but what was so great about this was that I totally understood everything the shop assistant said to me (I didn't have to rely on context like I usually do... I've developed some mad context-reading skills over the past four months). So, yeah, anyway...

I probably mentioned it already, but I've got two four day weekends in a row. In general, a very cool thing. On the other hand, my holiday pay is only about half of what I would make if I were teaching, so I've been trying to reschedule some of the classes for the rest of the week. It will make things a little crazy, but it is only for three days so I should be able to handle it. Meanwhile, I need to figure out what I am going to do with my two long weekends. (Ugh, I have a sense of deja vue--I think I've posted this already. If so, just ignore me... it is still early in the morning).

So, gonna try to get the energy up to go jogging this morning. I don't have to leave for my next class until 1pm and it is 7am now, so... that basically gives me six hours to do this whole jogging thing. Also need to start prepping classes for the next two weeks so I have relax and enjoy my weekends...

Hmm, I also need to post something about Poland.. getting behind with the whole travelogue thing. Ugh.


At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anna said...

Sounds like you've turned a definite and positive corner, language/cultural-wise. :)

Good luck plotting your half-paid double-weekends...



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