Thursday, March 20, 2008

How exciting my life has become...

I've just bought the best dress in the world. It is so great, I'm going to have to post pictures.

Yeah. This is what I have to post about when I'm taking some time off from traveling.


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Violin Woman said...

You're back! I was wondering where you'd gone. I don't have a life, so I usually just post boring stuff on my blog, anyway. :-) Hmm . . . guess that's why nobody really reads it.

- Shari

At 10:38 AM, Blogger STAG said...

Shovelin. Shovelin.

Around here all I can do is sing bastardized versions of Kingston Trio songs....

Sh o v el in spells Shovelin.

Thats pretty much my life these days. Occasionally the song changes a bit to

"Throw the snow higher, Billy, Throw the snow higher".

On the other hand, next week, we are going to the sugar bush to have maple syrup taffee made by pouring maple syrup onto the snow.

The snow is too high to see outside Brenda's kitchen windows now. Its time for this all to END!

I am even tired of putting pictures up on my blog since they all look the pile of white stuff looks much like another pile of white stuff.

But hey, the crocuses are down there somewhere, the wild turkeys are out in the fields, and the deer are coming through the corn and the windshields on a regular basis now. Seems the road is the only salt lick around....grin!

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