Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Posting on Blogger

Hey guys. I know I haven´t posted in a while (and I certainly haven´t been posting frequently), but don´t worry. A couple of folks mentioned that they were concerned about me--they though I might be miserable down here because I wasn´t posting. The truth is, I´m too busy to be much of anything other than busy. I´m not unhappy, I´m just exhausted. I think if I were a little less tired, I´d probably be happy (or, more likely, content). And things are only going to get crazier before the end of the session. But honestly, I feel like I fit in here. I´ve found a good group offriends who are career teachers and a bit older (like me). I´m really improving my classroom presence this session (it is still not great, but it is getting better), and I feel like things are going well overall. And I´m really, really looking forward to my Christmas vacation. I´m going to focus on learning Spanish--I haven´t had the time to work on it much. (And, of course, I´m meeting with the French teacher today to practice my French--which is just so difficult to do when my brain is trying to sort through Spanish already).

So don´t worry about me.


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