Thursday, October 04, 2007

Went to Aegina today (think I spelled that right, but I can't make any promises). It is the closest island to Athens. I really needed a break from the city but I wasn't quite ready to continue on to Delphi yet (involves and early morning and a taxi ride to the bus station).

The island was nice. It wasn't one of the famous, spectacular Greek islands (Santorini), but it was a nice break from the city. I had some wonderful fried fish with garlic (and garlic and garlic and garlic), so that should mask the smell of my feet tonight.

I really haven't been wearing my black shoes all that often. The brown ones are better for lots of walking and they provide a bit more cushioning and traction. The black shoes are good for travel days (when I spend several hours on my rear).

Wow, the ENTER button just got stuck, and I wound up with a very large space below the previous text. Had to pry it up and delete for ages. Ha--you can tell that my brain is still pretty fried. That's about all that I have the brain power to type. I'm really not getting much sleep at this hostel. I'm in that room with eight beds, and there is only one key. That means that we need to keep the door open until the last person gets in in the evening--usually after 1am. The room is on the first floor, right next to reception, so we hear everyone coming and going (there is a buzzer on the door). The room is also right next to some stairs which lead to--you guessed it--the bar. Sooooo... I got here on a sleep deficit which I have yet to fix. When I stay in Kalambaka, it will be pretty expensive, but at least I will be able to make up on some lost sleep (I hope). I don't like to do it, but I'm going to Kalambaka without a reservation. I called a place (bought a Greek phone card), and they were like, "if we have a place, you can stay here. If not, we can help you find a place." I just hope that any place they find me is not too too expensive. Greek is not exactly cheap. Will be nice to get to Romania (I hear that Istanbul is not exactly cheap either. Need to get back to Eastern Europe!).

Well, gotta shower and pack. And then lie in bed and feel sorry for myself because I can't get any sleep.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger STAG said...

Pity you could not get a couple of days layover in Ottawa. We have sites too you know. Plus we have a washing machine.
I found that when I travel, the concept of a washing machine takes on a new dimention in the "nice to have" department. Brenda can tell you stories of wringing out socks in the bidet in Rome....


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